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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I'm no gardener. As a matter of fact, every single plant that has been given to us has suffered premature expiration, no matter how much attention I give it.

But as the kids grow older and I find myself thinking that I Need to show them how to plant things, thinking that one day we might even have to grow our own food, I finally got round to buying some starter kits for potted plants at the local hardware store. It's been about 5 days since we first planted our flower seeds and nothing's happening (yet, I hope). Still, I'm trying to remember to get the kids to water their own little pots every afternoon.

Today I'm doing another little experiment. I want to know if I can substitute soil with used, ground coffee beans, and have planted a saga seed in it. Fingers crossed!


#1Gravatar imageEmily Tan says:

Not sure if used coffee grounds can substitute soil but it sure is a great fertilizer! I used to bring back bagfuls of it from Starbucks when I was still a barista (you can get them for free near the condiments bar). It’s for my grandmother and her plants heh. I still go out of my way to get them for her as she’s been asking for more of it – it’s been doing good things to her plants!

#2Gravatar imageFei says:

coffee grinds tend to be acidic so be careful which plants you use them as fertilizer on. I imagine they’re great for citrus but I’m no expert…

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