Keeping Promises

Monday, 6 September 2010

It's the school Raya break this week. So this morning I asked the kids if they'd like to go for an outing--specifically, on a train. We were all so excited about it!

So we did. We went to KLCC, reciting the names of the stations along the way and checking out the scenery. Fed Reuben in Isetan's nursing room while Brandon and Andrea snacked on their raisins and nuts at a little table outside my cubicle. We went outside to see the huge fountain, rode the bubble lift, drank in the hubbub that is synonymous with the shopping mall.

What I did not expect was how close our trip was to being aborted because of the lack of parking space at the nearest LRT station, i.e. Taman Paramount. There were no parking bays available outside the station, not even in the surrounding neighbourhood or outside the nearby international school. The paid parking lot round the back would only accept Touch n Go cards. Remembering that my MyKad could possibly have the TnG facility, I went and tried to reload it at the station counter, and it worked. Upon entering the car park however... Yup, you guessed it. Nowhere to park my car.

Incredible. We had spent close to 30 minutes circling the area looking for a parking spot, just so we could make the day trip. The kids were so accommodating and well-behaved, but there was no mistaking the growing concern about being able to get on the train whenever Brandon asked about it.

I made a promise to the kids about riding the train, and I've explained to them before about how important it is to keep one's promises. So instead of throwing in the towel, I tried my darndest to hold up my end of the bargain.

We abandoned Taman Paramount and headed for Asia Jaya station. The car park there was full too! I asked the parking attendant if there was any other alternative, and he directed me to the office block opposite the station's entrance. I was so relieved to finally stop the car and tell the kids that we were going to get on the train soon. And we did.

It may seem like a trivial incident, this train ride thing. But I believe that our children learn valuable lessons, albeit indirectly, in their microcosm of a world. I'm glad I didn't get frustrated at not being able to find a parking space earlier, but instead showed them that we just have to keep trying, perhaps using different approaches, until we achieve what we set out to do.

I also hope that they know to trust their parents that when we say something, we abide by it. We're most certainly not god, but we do our best to be dependable.

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