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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Because I simply don't have the luxury of spending time to edit my thoughts. So here I am laid bare. It's 12:28am and my eyelids are drooping.

I wonder how our Muslim friends can fast daily for a month. Guess it's something they've grown up with and got accustomed to. Wishing them a good Ramadhan.

I've been spending an embarrassing amount of time playing Supermarket Mania on Han's iPad. There are loads of other more intellectual apps that Han has put up on it, but I'm not interested. Just give me mindless entertainment.

Soap. Soap, soap, soap on the brain. Am I not spending enough time with the children though? Sometimes I get sucked into this vacuum that I need to fill with daydreams of my very own studio and shop for Kinder Soaps. Then I get grumpy when reality bites (or more specifically in most cases these days, when I'm abruptly brought back down to earth by Andrea screaming blue murder).

Reuben's lovely. Tubby. I don't remember being this chatty with Brandon or Andrea--he smiles so much! He breaks out into his toothless grin whenever he's just had his feed and you start talking to him. His coos are heart-melting. I always forget about taking a video of him, because I don't want to miss the moment at all.

Han's been super busy at MindValley. But he still does his best to come home for dinner with us--I'm very grateful for that. The kids obviously love spending time with him, even if it's just to have him sit around in the living room while they go off on their playtime antics.

Sometimes there are nights, when the kids have been put to bed, that we don't speak to each other for hours. Not that we had an argument or anything, but we're just absorbed in our own worlds on the Net. When was our last date night?

Thanks John for the Balinese coffee. Very keen to try it. French press, yes?

I've tidied up my desk. Like, for REAL. I have a proper table surface to write on now, whereas in the past I had to pile things up or use my arms to push my rubbish aside whenever I needed some space to work on. It's a nice feeling, to look organized.

OOPS. Went over my time limit. Good night then. :">


#1Gravatar imageAnn says:

Although the post is short, I feel like I’ve gotten to know you even more and glimpsed into what goes on daily in your life. :) Seems like almost everything is a well-oiled machine and you’re on a roll here. And isn’t a clean desk something?! If I can marry a clean desk I would. :D

As for you and Han, the fact that you realized it and wants to do something about it is great. Go on a date, as you mentioned! :)

Lastly, thank you for sharing. I look forward to more posts from you.

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks Ann, it’s nice to be able to share life’s journey this way. :)

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