First Days In Confinement

Monday, 31 May 2010

Saucy Reuben

I had my initial doubts about spending my confinement month at my in-laws' (mainly because I thought I'd prefer the privacy of my own home), but it's been turning out to be better than I could ever imagine.

We have the front room of the house, which overlooks the lawn and a big shady tree where lots of birds seem to like to visit and sing in. The morning sun greets us every day. Although it can get pretty warm in the afternoons, the room is quite well-ventilated so it cools down significantly in the evenings. Listening to the sound of rain from here is hypnotic.

It's a nice balance of peace and quiet, and the occasional bursts of rowdiness when visitors come to see Reuben.

And I don't do much else apart from feeding and playing with Reuben, lazing about, napping when it gets too warm, surfing the net and reading, and waiting for the next meal to appear at the dinner table.

I'm being SPOILT ROTTEN and thoroughly savouring it.


#1Gravatar imageeeleng says:

congratulations michelle! baby reuben is adorable. and already knows how to pose for the camera i see. hehehe. love the kissy lips. ;P

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks Ee Leng. 🙂 Yes, he’s quite the charmer. Gosh, we haven’t even introduced the other two to you and Kian Ming yet. How time flies! Are you coming back to Malaysia for good?

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