How A Father Can Entertain His Children – Even While He’s Still Asleep

Monday, 10 May 2010

Brandon normally wakes up the household at 7am on the dot each morning, calling out, "GOOD MORNING PAPA!" after flinging his room door wide open. Andrea is usually still a little groggy at that point, but chirpy most of the time.

These days Han will automatically roll out of bed, fix their morning milk bottles, and settle them in the play area for a bit before getting them to brush their teeth and get dressed for playschool. I used to do that. But now that he's taken over, during that lull in activity he'd lie down on the sofa and catch a few more precious minutes of sleep before launching into herding mode again.

So while he dozes, the kids continue playing quietly. And this is a typical scene I caught one morning:


#1Gravatar imagexinch says:

OMG that is so cute haha!!

#2Gravatar imageruach says:

Hahahahaha! Nice.

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