Life’s Simple Pleasures

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

We took the kids out to Sentul Park on Sunday morning. The air was cool, thanks to the rain the night before and clouds that were obscuring the sun.

Our agenda: blow bubbles. And with the crumbs we gathered from the kids' heong peng (well in Andrea's case she destroyed her biscuit just to get to the sticky sweet centre), we fed the fish and turtles in the pond.

It was a magical morning for me. To have my whole family together, enjoying green surroundings and doing the most innocent things.

I hope the children remember these moments too.


#1Gravatar imageserena says:

they will. 🙂 my sister and i still clearly remember the numerous times my mom took us to the deer park, butterfly farm, playgrounds, where we played police and thieves with other kids, and just generally did kid-stuff.

it was awesome! 🙂

#2Gravatar imagemindy says:

your kids look like they were clearly having a great time!

#3Gravatar imageMelvin says:

Dear Michelle,

Halo, what’s new for soap?
Me wanna get bubbly, haha~
By the way, I have started blogging~

#4Gravatar imageMin Yen says:

And Happy Birthday to Brandon!!!
As usual I am running late and only just sent off a parcel – look out for it in the coming weeks!

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