Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Brandon turns 3 on Monday!

We're thinking of getting him  (and for the sake of keeping the peace, Andrea as well) a bicycle with trainer wheels. But as to how we're going to celebrate it, no plans just yet. The guy is getting a little more bossy nowadays, with his growing vocabulary. Still need to help him along in expressing himself. Asks what EVERYTHING is for. From buses to fountains. I try to be as patient as I can when answering him, but Han can tell you that there are times where I fail completely to keep the lid on my exasperation.

Andrea is super manja.

From being clingy to me for about a week, she has now turned her attention to milking all that she possibly can from her papa. The most heartwarming sight so far was her nestled very cozily next to Han in Yee Cheong's favourite leather recliner -- apparently she had led him by the hand to it, and said, "Sit, sit, sit...", and she clambered in after him to watch the telly.

She also has the tendency to frown a lot these days. Am wondering if this reflects on my own facial expressions around the kids. :">

Baby number 3 is a very lively monkey.

Limbs poking out and lots of squirming that is especially noticeable at bedtime. As with the other two pregnancies, he seems to get particularly active about 5 minutes after I start whacking a meal, and when I listen to music that I really like. The 3D scan about 3 weeks back showed that everything was normal. I like that. No drama.

Business: Lots of Hatching.

By that, I mean that sales aren't very brisk at the moment but I have been very busy doing a lot of planning, and also stocking up on new soap varieties for sale. I now have 4 new types curing on the racks and lots of marketing ideas jotted down in my notebook. It takes a lot out of me to sit down and concentrate and get these things done nowadays. Apart from the kids, I have also been distracted by e-mails with newly-made acquaintances who are also into some form of craft or other, mostly Malaysians and also mothers. And there are times when my 'research' for new soap formulations take me on a long meander into other people's fascinating blogs!

And I thought the days of following a timetable were done. Now it looks like I must draw one up to be able to juggle all the roles I play properly.

Han is extremely busy.

Work work work. Good work, but heavy. While I admire his passion for the things he does at MindValley, I sometimes wish that he would make a conscious effort to just step away from it momentarily at least for a few minutes every day and just enjoy being instead of always doing. I'm sure it would benefit him in some way or other.

On the other hand, his hard work has earned him a lot of perks, like being able to take off at 11am on a Wednesday to watch Avatar in 3D with me, and having a massive 27" iMac delivered to our house without him having to purchase it himself. You win some, you lose some. 🙂

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