All 3 Handmade Leather Journals Arrived Today!

Friday, 12 February 2010

I was lumbering after the kids, clutching Andrea's hand to make sure she didn't trip on her oversized towel, fumbling with the apartment keys when Brandon called from up ahead, "Look! Look! Mummy, what's that?" He was pointing at something on the foot of our front door.

Upon closer inspection I had to suppress a girly squeal of absolute delight, becaaaause:

Happy Mail!

Happy Mail!

My packages from the US had arrived! I'd ordered some leather journals from two Etsy sellers at the end of January, and here they were!

Now that the kids are tucked in bed and sleeping soundly, I relished the process of opening each package.

Clean and simple packaging

Clean and simple packaging

This one was from Cheri Ucci of Paperfetish. Opening it revealed:

The beaded spine is really something! It holds its form well and slips easily into my handbag. Might use that for jotting things down while I'm on the go. Lightweight and funky. Eeeee, I can't get enough of those beads! :p

Next were two very simple, soft-covered journals from Dancing Grey Studio:

Are these beautiful or What? And you know what the first thing I did was, when I pulled off the brown tissue protecting them? I PUT THEM TO MY NOSE and took a deep breath. :p I can't tell you how wonderful the leather smells on these two! Plus the acid-free writing paper is gorgeous--smooth to the touch, and I love how it isn't white but more of a consistently-stained-with-coffee colour. :p

All my thumbs and big toes are up for these purchases. They really made my day! What was also surprising was how quickly they arrived in the mail. I wasn't expecting them to turn up for another week or so, given that it's Valentine's and CNY this weekend.

Well done Cheryl Ucci and Eiko Ozawa for preparing your journals so well for the long journeys they had. As you can see, they're in great condition. Now you know shipping to Malaysia isn't so bad! 😉 Thank you both so much.

Talk about simple pleasures.


#1Gravatar imageAnn says:

I’m a big fan of Eiko as well, I bought a journal from him on Ebay before he moved to Etsy, and he was really courteous and nice, answering any inane question I had. Shipping to Malaysia for me was quick too – and I agree about the smell. The moment the package was open, the smell just wafted up to my nose… goodness! It’s now almost full, and held up well to constant use. The paper is also fountain pen friendly, just in case you want to try! Really love him, and his journals.

#2Gravatar imagecheri Ucci says:

Thanks so much for the lovely write-up. I am so glad that you are enjoying your journal.

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Ann: Awesome! When did you get your journal? Didn’t realise Eiko was on eBay before. I adore the leather that he uses! Thinking of getting a fresh one to continue your writing? 😉

Cheri: Trust me when I say the pleasure is all mine. 😀

#4Gravatar imageAnn says:

I think I got it late last year, it’s now 3/4 full and looks great. Depending on the leather you get, some of them are “scratchable” to make that worn, rustic look. 🙂 Oh, Eiko is still on Ebay! He’s a hardworking guy. Haha…

Have you started using yours yet? I have another journal lined up to use first by kreativlink (also on etsy) – check her out, another fantastic artist and really nice to boot! 😀

#5Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Okay, this is getting a bit strange — I bought a cloth journal from Kreativlink last year! I guess you and I share very similar tastes when it comes to journals. :p As for Eiko’s, yes, I have started using one. Trying to keep up the journalling habit. I only wish it were easier to quickly print photos for me to include in the entries, especially the ones I have about the children.

Hooray for getting to know a fellow journal junkie, whee! 😀 Thanks for coming by again. Your blog looks like it could use a brand new entry. 😉

#6Gravatar imageAnn says:

Oh dear. blushes My blog has been neglected, the poor thing. Since the advent of facebook, it becomes easier to update there than to blog, and I must admit I’m the lazy kind. 😀

As for photos, a good ink jet printer, a nice pack of matte photo paper and it’s rather easy to include those pictures. I know what you mean – I can’t help but copy ultrasound pictures of my first bun in the oven and stick them in my journal. 😀 Oooh, and if you’re so inclined, you can do faux polaroid pictures by cropping photos and then cut them with borders. I heard image transfers are rather popular as well – it makes for a permanent feel that mere sticking cannot provide.

Now I’m freaked – we do have similar tastes! Etsy is too evil sometimes. 🙂

#7Gravatar imageDiane says:

I just order 2 journals from Eiko. He is both on Ebay & on Etsy. (he sells on Ebay under seller name eikoreo and on Etsy as DancingGreyStudio) He was recommended to me by another Ebay customer who said his journal was the BEST purchase he ever bought on Ebay! That was good enough for me. Now reading all these wonderful reviews…..I can’t wait for MY postman to arrive! : )

#8Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Ann: waiting for your next blogpost. 😉

Diane: AWESOME! Gee, I gotta tell Eiko that he’s got a fast-growing fan base here in Malaysia. :p

#9Gravatar imageDiane says:

Well, just to “follow up” LOL. My journals arrived 48hrs ago and were simply, outstanding! AGREED, these are the journals that instinctively make you want to touch, SMELL & then write! I was so impressed with the quality and workmanship, I went back to Eiko and ordered 4 more to give as future gifts! They have a simplistic and raw beauty that is reminiscent of a journal Louis & Clark might have tucked into their knapsack while charting unexplored territory!

#10Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Wow Diane, it’s really great to know that Eiko’s getting so much support from this part of the world! :p I’d most certainly be buying more from her eventually. She’s going to be out of action for about a week though, but I’m sure she’ll be back with a fresh inventory of even more beautiful journals. 🙂 Yay Eiko! So what will you be filling your journal with?

#11Gravatar imagechiaroscuro says:

Thought you might like to know that Eiko is a woman, not a man. And, yes, her journals are quite beautiful. Clearly, a lot of care goes into making them.

#12Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Chiaroscuro, heheh yes you are right. We have been corresponding via e-mails on and off, she really is a lovely lady. Are you a regular customer of Eiko’s?

#13Gravatar imageChris says:

Oh nice! Was just looking to get some leather journals for myself. Just a question though… How are the papers like? I write with inks and fountain pens so bleedthroughs and feathering on pages are a nightmare for me. Will be happy to purchase a few if the paper is not an issue :)

#14Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Hey Chris! The papers have proven to be very conducive for writing with fountain pens. No feathering or bleeding at all when I use my Lamy with it, and I have been journaling regularly for a few weeks with that pen now. 🙂 I’m referring to the journals I bought from Eiko of Dancing Grey Studio. Hope you’ll get at least one from her!

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