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Friday, 13 November 2009

Freshly-brewed coffee and the internet - my window to the outside world

Freshly-brewed coffee and the internet - my window to the outside world

It's quite amazing how all of us are equipped with the means to deal with Life as it unfolds, sometimes with crazily placed route-changes. Here are some of the things that I've been doing to keep sane amidst mom's death, dealing with 1st trimester of pregnancy and losing our domestic help.

  • I get a cup of coffee brewed in the afternoon, around 3-4pm while the kids are napping. So far nothing else has helped perk me up mentally, or even physically. I've tried bananas, dried fruit, milo...
  • Sing with Brandon. His requests for "Song Michael" is actually Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone", and he tries hard to sing along.
  • Dance with the kids. Han moved my old mini compo out to the living room so the kids can turn it on and tune in to whichever channel they like (it's got those old fashioned tuner knobs). They have a noticeable preference for malay and hindi channels though.
  • Lie down on the floor for a 20-minute nap. I set my phone's timer to buzz me awake. It works better for me than an hour-long nap.
  • Give hugs more freely. The last time I did that with Brandon when he woke up from his long afternoon nap, he said, unprompted, "I love you." And I was the happiest person alive for the rest of the evening.
  • Log on to Facebook, Tweetdeck and my blogs to communicate with the outside world. I still need to have some adult conversation that doesn't involve the phrases, "Don't throw your food", "Please stop biting your kor kor", "Do you want to poo? You look like you want to poo...", and "No you cannot throw your toys off the balcony."
  • I think of how my mom wouldn't want me to be sad missing her, and I try my best to remember her presence.

How do you guys cope with stress?


#1Gravatar imageSumitha says:

well michelle……..u r doing a great job!!! inspite having two kids and one on the way….i feel, u r handling everything very well!!! the thing i know to keep going is keep ureself busy but dont tear ureself down……with ure life, busy is an under statement, i must say!!! try going out for a walk with the kids if you can……u said, u do yoga….do more of that also!!! it keeps u calm and relax…..and try to have tea time with close friends…to talk things out!!! u need to talk out things that’s in ure heart!!! that will ease the pain abit!!! and most importantly is to PRAY!!! ask HIM for calmness, to guide you through this path and also to help you succeed in this test of life!! i always believe, everything happen for a reason ( sometimes i try hard but i cant see the reason at times ) but…always look at things in a positive way and try to live life as a challenge and every day is a baby step for us as we learn and prepare ourself for the future!!!

Michelle, ure kids are your gift and joy!!! they can be handful at times when you just want a break but they are the one that make u smile, laugh and want to wake up everyday!!! so see ure kids as ure mom as they teach you about life everyday!!! god bless u my dear……and know that you are never alone…….you have so many ppl who are waiting to help you…..and be there for you!!! take care and hope this help……love always sumi 🙂

#2Gravatar imageMin Yen says:

I go shopping!!!
But then, I spend too much,
and my credit card debt builds up,
so I have to work harder
and then I stress more,
then I go and shop again!

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