Bitter Sweet Feelings

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thank you to all who turned up at last night's wake. It was a tear-laden affair, although we know that it was not merely born of sadness, but of joy and relief that mom is finally at rest for eternity.

I saw and remembered so many old friends and extended family members whom we hadn't seen in ages. Each hand and hug that was extended shared with us warmth, strength and encouragement, for which we are truly grateful. Before I came over to the house I thought I had already steeled myself enough, and done all the necessary crying in private, that I shouldn't have to break down in public.

It was alright at first. But when I caught sight of the first of my peers who came to pay their respects... FAIL. It's like a stopper from my chest budged and all my mixed emotions tumbled out raw for all the world to see.

But it's okay. It felt right to share in the weeping for my mother, who touched so many lives in meaningful ways, and will be sorely missed.

There's another wake tonight at 8:30pm. Our home address is No.1, Jalan Sri Hartamas 10, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur. You're more than welcome to come. The funeral service will be held tomorrow at First Baptist Church PJ, 10am.


#1Gravatar imageCheah Siew Oui says:

Dear Michelle,

May I convey our deepest condolences to you & your family.I am Jek Hui’s mum & was Beverly’s senior in SGGS Penang.

Congrats on your wonderful news of another baby next year!Take care.

Siew Oui

#2Gravatar imageKristy says:

Hi Michelle
My name might be unfamiliar to you…I was in B3 & I’m Khin Hwa’s sister.

I was at tonight’s (Thurs) wake. Do you happen to remember what your mum’s friend Evelyn shared tonight? She said she was touched by Bev wanting her to meet & encourage another mother of a disabled child. Well, that “mother of a disabled child” refers to me. I truly was touched by Bev’s thoughtfulness.

I had on Tues night, written a post about it. I thought of sharing with you, of how God really channeled His blessings through your mum – it’s in my post.

Congrats too on conceiving again! Wonderful news.

Take care esp now that you’re carrying baby3. You guys are in my prayers
Love & hugs

#3Gravatar imageMichael Sin Hock Cheah says:

Dear Michelle,

Boon Ean and I would like to express our deepest condolences. I am Siew Oui’s brother and living in Western Australia. Your dad and I played volleyball at PFS while your mum played volleybal with Boon Ean. We met at Klang bah kut teh just before you went to England for your studies a long time ago.

Congrats on the good news, and take care.

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