Down The Slippery Slope

Friday, 30 October 2009

Mom's condition is deteriorating rapidly. Since yesterday morning she has refused to eat anything, and so when I saw her this afternoon, she was very very weak. And in even more pain. Her liver continues to give out.

She was awake for a short while when I visited. We hugged. She tried to stand, but she couldn't. When she lay back on her bed, I asked if I could sing her some hymns. She drifted back to sleep while I stumbled through familiar ones.

Managed to do a little bit of catching up with cousin Nicole who was also there to watch over Mummy. It was good.

But on the drive home, I cried again. Driving through the light rain, looking at the KL skyline in the horizon, wondering if she'll see another sunrise, which I know she loves. To see her grappling with pain like that literally wrenches at my chest. Does she really have to experience it?

There must be some greater purpose to justify what she's going through now. But I hope that she won't have to stick it out for much longer.

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#1Gravatar imageAngeline Lesslar says:

Thanks for updating us on your mum’s condition. We are old friends of both your mum and dad. My husband, Min Sin and I were both from Penang Free School with your dad.

Tell mum we are thinking and praying for her that the Lord will spare her as much pain as possible. I know how difficult all this must be for you and the others in the family. My mum is also in 4th stage kidney cancer which has spread to her lungs and for it is ‘One Day at a Time’ as well. We are now preparing her spiritually for the long journey ahead. I suppose you are doing the same. Take care.


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