Children Think “Why Not?”, Not “Cannot”

Thursday, 3 September 2009

If you have the chance to, here's what you should try doing the next time you are in the company of little children: hang back, and just observe them playing.

Don't interfere. Don't hush or tut. Instead, allow them to poke, prod, shake, wave, push, tug, climb over or under, dangle, bash, tap, sayang, cuddle, kiss, laugh at, etc.

And you? You watch, and learn.

They'll be your best teachers with regards to exploring possibilities. Let them show you what it is to allow yourself to be completely absorbed in what could seem to be the simplest thing, like a Lego brick, or a pot lid. They dance, sing and play the piano because they know they're good at it. Or maybe because they enjoy it for the activity's own sake.

My children have shown me to cherish life's every moment. I can't think of how I could thank them enough for this lesson. Now it's up to me to make a habit out of what they've taught.

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#1Gravatar imageSook ying says:

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