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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My babies in the morning.

My babies in the morning.

In recent months, Life has overrun me. I lost my anchor and got caught in the ebb and flow, the lulling calms then crashing waves of Life's river, without much control over where I wanted to go. Actually, I wasn't even thinking about where I was headed for because I was too preoccupied with surviving in that instant. I didn't know who I was anymore, even though I have my roles as daughter, wife, mother, sister, home-maker...

So I lost them. What feels like almost a year of experiences, but which slipped out of my grasp, or ruined because I lacked the self-control to approach situations with the maturity befitting a good wife and mother. There was a lot of pain.

I think I've hit rock bottom. Which means the only direction left is UP. 😀 I'd like to thank a dear friend for spending time with me last night at Waikiki Too, listening to my silly belly-aching and being compassionate enough to sympathise, and at the same time knock a little sense into me. And also Acoustica's amazing live music sets that we could sing to - songs that were salves to warm and heal a worn-out heart.

From this day on, I choose to live. Fully, happily, and with awareness. To see the best in everyone and everything (thank you Lionel for getting me a copy of The Pig of Happiness). To find the old Michelle, and also embrace all the good changes that have come to me in the past year, so I can truly be a blessing to others once more.

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#1Gravatar imagesek khoon says:

keep your chin up michelle!

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