Tonight Our Home Is Silent At 9pm

Friday, 31 October 2008

The quiet is just a little unsettling. At this time almost every night, we're all home and only just starting to settle into the evening's routine--Brandon would be cleaned up and have his milk, then his teeth brushed, before being put to bed. He'd still be yammering away or trying to play with Papa. Andrea would be having her last feed for the night. Han's seated at the PC checking up on work.

But tonight, Brandon and Ratih are spending their second night at my in-laws', because Han has fallen quite sick again. 🙁 Han's already knocked out and trying to sleep. Yet another nasty flu bug has struck him, barely a week after he recovered from the previous round. I'm praying that none of us will catch it again! Brandon was flu-free--it can only be God at work, cuz he was the only one at home who didn't succumb to the chesty coughing, sneezing and fevers. Hope both the kids will escape this one too.

Updates in brief (extremely):

  • Finally started my own (albeit really small scale) business! Am now selling all-natural handmade soaps--starting off with cocoa butter, and tea-tree, lemongrass and lime soaps. More details to come. 😉
  • Pledged to whittle down our credit card debt to zero in 8 months' time.
  • Sang at Jessie and Kris' wedding, then had a great time at their dinner at Hilton--awesome programme, really fun time in a candid kind of way, took some nice digital photos courtesy of their wedding photographers.
  • Tomorrow's the inaugural TA Charity and Family Carnival! Am selling the rest of my 11 soaps there. Have already sold 9.
  • My mom's last chemo session was postponed by a week to Nov 4th because her hemoglobin and albumin levels weren't up to their required levels. Please continue praying for her. Her arms, hands and legs are badly swollen, and her nails are very loose from their beds, risking infection. Still, she keeps her chin up and her sights squarely on God. Inspiring.
  • Andrea and Brandon seem to actually play with each other--Brandon would sit across from her (with her propped up with some pillows on the sofa), laugh and say something, and she would smile or laugh back. Sometimes he takes her hands and shows her how to clap, or he leans over to kiss her forehead. Wish I could take a video of all this, it's SO heartwarming.

I should go take a shower soon. A fun day awaits!

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