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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Brandon standing behind Michelle, arms around her neck, while she is holding Andrea Rapid fire update on what's been going on:

As you can see, I've shaved my head. It's just a small show of support for my mom. Lots of people seem to like it, so I might just keep the buzz cut.

Andrea's turning into the Michelin Man! And check out those cheeks... Apart from growing very well physically, she's getting more fun to play with these days. She's usually awake for a bit after a feed, and she'll be very happy if you sit next to her for a chat, or sing her a song. Sometimes able to sleep on her own without having a pacifier, but it's rare. These days she wakes up just once or twice for night feeds. Unfortunately with all the excitement over making cards and running the household, I still don't get to rest much. If you haven't already, do visit my Etsy shop at! I've made some new stuff over the weekend so watch out for them in the next few days.

Brandon's sick. 🙁 Got a stubborn cough and runny nose. Still a chirpy fella in spite of the obvious discomfort. He says "bye-bye" very well, and usually at the appropriate time. Runs like the wind.

Han and I have been going crazy about online retail therapy. He's been buying Lego sets and I've been indulging on journals and cardmaking supplies from Etsy (I've also been swiping like mad to buy papers and other stuff for my cards). Recently went to Toys-R-Us warehouse sale at Dataran Hamoda to buy Lego sets on the cheap. My chest hurt when I saw my credit card statements an hour ago. :-s

Mom's going through a pretty rough patch after the recent round of chemo. Despite the diarrhoea and bone aches she still made her way to our place to spend some time with the grandchildren. I'm constantly amazed at her determination to beat the disease. Please continue to pray for her.

Made mulligatawny soup for dinner tonight--the recipe Han got for me was excellent, but I just have to ease up on the tomato ketchup. :p

Me tired. Go shower. Oh, the handmade soaps I ordered from have finally arrived. They smell so good! Gonna try the tea tree, lime and something something one tonight.

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#1Gravatar imageChristine says:

your mom is so blessed to have a daughter like you… who’s willing to shave her head in support of her mom.

andrea is definitely putting on the pounds. hehehe!

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