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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I think I've found my little happy corner in the world - I've just set up my Etsy shop to sell handmade greeting cards online.


In the past few weeks I have gone to stationery heaven and back, bringing home all kinds of wonderful papers of different colours and textures, stamps, pigment inks, patterned punchers and embossing powders. I've spent time talking to other Etsy sellers, who have been wonderfully encouraging by sharing with me glimpses into their own personal lives and experiences. I've never been so interested in going to the post office and finding out our postal rates.

And I finally got round to making my first 4 items to be sold. 🙂 Amidst the chaos of going back to work, taking care of the household and trying to be a good mother, wife and daughter, it's the best I can manage for the moment. But my fingers are itching and my mind is running at a million miles an hour with ideas, just aching to be realised.

If any of you are interested in buying anything from my shop (please do keep checking that for more items coming up soon) and you live in Malaysia, send me an e-mail at michelle(at)salameander(dot)com or start an Etsy conversation with me.

Ah, contentment. 🙂


#1Gravatar imagesoo says:

ur etsy shop link doesnt link it to the page.. i was trying to open it, but failed. hmm …

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

soo: Aik? That’s odd… I tried the link again from this page, it seems to work. Wanna give it another go?

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