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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Cempakan guys at Min Yen's wedding Firstly, congratulations to Min Yen who came back to KL to 'officially' tie the knot with her beau, Eugene.

Min Yen: for the record, Han and I were rather amused when the priest pronounced you "Dr and Mrs Eugene Teh". :p

This is one of the few church weddings where the crowd was purposefully kept small and intimate, especially at dinner. The Ngeowlings had a full afternoon out with our Cempakan friends. It was a lovely way to catch up--although Han and I had our hands full taking care of the kids. We even had a chance to have a few come over 2 days later for a pizza and bak kut teh dinner at our place, followed by 3 hilarious rounds of Taboo!

Andrea at 1 monthAndrea's now 6 weeks old! Here she is at her full moon dinner on the 15th of July--a quiet affair with our immediate family members and my uncle and aunt. Oh, if you would like to try out a new place for good chinese cuisine, check out Oriental Pavilion at Jaya 33. The creativity and quality of the food and its ingredients will surprise you, I'm sure.

We also held a separate poolside party for friends and other family members on the 20th with a simple but satisfying spread of noodles, nasi kunyit, angku and pulut tatai and fresh fruits. If anyone is interested to engage Aunty Rosie, our jovial and extremely capable family friend who provided the food for the occasion, you can get in touch with her at 012 206 8811. Ask for her laksa!

Compared to Brandon, Andrea seems to be much more serious. While Brandon started to chuckle and pull a smile quite often (and very early on), Andrea puts on a stoic look most of the time. Which makes it that much more charming when she does actually smile! We think she could be a bit of a Touchy baby who tends to be quite temperamental. When she cries sometimes you can catch her quivering bottom lip. I guarantee you that if you were the one holding her at that point, you'd feel extra desperate to placate her needs--she looks and sounds absolutely pathetic!

And here's Brandon playing with Andrea. He really does take his role as big brother seriously. There have been a few times where I would be getting ready to feed Andrea on my lap, and he would bring me a towel or the pillow that I feed her on--all by himself. 🙂 I'm so very proud of him.

Brandon sticking out his tongue But there have been trying moments with him too. As he grows more self-aware, he has become much more assertive. He wants things his way most of the time. The worst of him surfaces usually when he's tired or hasn't had his proper naps that day. Whether or not he is directly affected by our attention being drawn away from him to Andrea sometimes is debatable, since he doesn't seem to demonstrate any ill-feelings towards her. He's still very gentle with her, except when he's trying to clamber up onto the sofa to get to where she is--then it gets scary when you see him stomping around near her head!

He also has developed some bad habits: sticking his fingers into his nose, chewing his finger (thank goodness it's not gone to the nose+mouth combination yet!), scratching his ear. We're trying to break these as soon as we possibly can.

As for my mom, she's doing really well. Her chemo sessions are spaced three weeks apart, and she'll have to go for four more. Just two days ago she had her head shaved instead of seeing any more of her hair fall out in clumps. At every possible opportunity she makes the effort to visit people, entertain visitors, and take the grandchildren out. Lots of her friends are chipping in to make life a bit easier for her, especially mealtimes--there's one lady who's been making her great stuff like yong tau foo, herbal chicken essence, birds' nest soup etc. on a regular basis. And there's enough for my dad and brother too!

As my dad remarked the other day, apart from the cancer's recurrence, life has never been so good. Gone are the petty squabbles and cold stares. We say all that we need to say instead of brushing them under the carpet.

Life is good. Yes.


#1Gravatar imageserena says:

ahhhhh so SO glad i got a chance to catch up with you all!!!! 🙂 your babies are absolutely lovely, can’t wait to see them again in dec. 🙂

#2Gravatar imagefei-o says:

you so should take up that you can make THESE!!


#3Gravatar imageYen says:

Yes! Did you see my facial expression when he said that?!

But then again, it would be weird to announce it as “Dr and Dr Teh.”

Mr and Mrs Teh would have been a nice and fair solution 😀

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