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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Our little corner in the bedroom with bookshelf and chair Both the babies are asleep, the confinement lady and Ratih are resting, and Han is away at work. It's been raining all morning and the clouds have finally let the sun shine through. The air is crisp and clear, I can hear some birds calling on the wing.

The recent news about my mom's cancer returning, contrasted against the joy of Andrea's birth, has made me a bit more contemplative over certain things of late. More notably on just how precious human relationships are. It seems even more clear that one of our primary reasons for existing here on this plane is to leave a mark on other people, whether good or bad.

I recently had the good fortune of catching up with an old schoolmate on Facebook. He was my senior in highschool. While chatting and asking about my mom's condition, he retold the incident when he found out that his mom would be going for an operation because of her breast cancer. A bunch of us were playing table tennis in the dungeony basement of our school at the time when he received the news, and he broke down. Apparently all his friends left him alone after that--but a lanky, skinny girl stayed back to ask him what was the matter and tried her best to console him.

Quite frankly I didn't remember doing that at all (only after he jogged my memory), but it really meant a lot to him. And it helped him then, somehow. All it took was a simple gesture to make a significant difference. Happily for his family, his mom's cancer has been in remission since.

Andrea yawning So I ask myself, what will I be remembered for in the minds of my children? What will they learn from me that they will demonstrate to the world, whether knowingly or otherwise? How will they impress themselves on their friends and family, and even on their own parents? What a responsibility to bear, but also what a joy and privilege it is to have it.

And better yet--what will we learn from them?

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