Things I Want This Year

Friday, 11 April 2008

I turned 27 yesterday. 3 years shy of 30, I began thinking that I should make a clear list of Wants so that I can look back at them in another year's time to see how things turned out. So this year, here are the things that I Want...


  • Exercise regularly
  • Encourage Han to do the same
  • Encourage the family to eat more healthily, e.g. hunt for fresh produce and by cooking at home more often
  • Try indoor rock climbing
  • Breastfeed for more than 6 months
  • Make at least 2 crafty things to decorate our home
  • Sing at church again
  • Be more patient with Brandon, especially when No. 2 arrives


  • Implement a particular marketing project at work and set all necessary processes in place so that it continues to run smoothly even if I leave the company after that
  • Be known as someone who works on the bases of transparency (no sucking up to people or not giving credit where credit is due), democracy (all staff are of value to the company regardless of job titles and job scopes) and effective communication (people HAVE to know what everyone else is doing within the company, otherwise even the best-laid plans can fall flat because they don't have complete staff awareness and support)
  • Save at least RM1,500 every month for the next 12 months
  • Clear our credit card debt completely
  • Get back to my pre-baby figure, and put back some muscle mass
  • Supplement my income with other side jobs that I enjoy, like singing


  • A classy, comfortable pair of working shoes
  • A sharp office suit
  • A good watch
  • More eyeshadows that won't give me raccoon eyes
  • A bigger car for the family


  • More quality time with hubby. As in, not spent on the internet or playing computer games. Just time to do the things we used to, like walking in the park, taking time to really talk about the other person, and making the effort to discover new things in each other. This, I want more than anything else.

It would be nice if you could remind me of these things from time to time as well. 🙂 But yeah, this list is meant to to just that. Wish me luck and a whole lot of perseverance!


#1Gravatar imageruach says:

“Save at least RM1,500 every month for the next 12 months.
Clear our credit card debt completely”

If forced to choose between the two, I’d prioritize the latter. Happy birthday again. 🙂

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks Ruach. 🙂 Yes, definitely a good idea to prioritize on the latter. I’m trying to do both at the same time right now. Have locked up all but one credit card, so that helps! :”>

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