Sunday, 9 March 2008

March 8th, 2008--Han and I exercised our rights to vote for the first time. TA Group held its company dinner at the KLCC Convention Centre and I was part of the organising committee.

Results were out just as the dinner was coming to a close--BN forms government only by a simple majority, loses 5 states, MIC became suddenly headless, Sharizat loses Lembah Pantai to Anwar's daughter and bloggers won in their constituencies, among other things. I would point you to Malaysiakini for a detailed breakdown of the results and news but the government has probably done something to prevent access to it.

I'm proud we did our duty to go out there and do our bit for change. Han lists some of the closer-to-home reasons why. Hearing the results as they broke last night was exciting stuff. Now that the opposition has been given a bigger voice, let's hope that we as citizens can steer them towards some good change for Malaysia.

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