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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

There are lots of blogs out there kept by moms who chronicle their lives as mothers (and cooks, cleaners, chauffeurs, police, ministers of home affairs etc). I read Karen's regularly and thoroughly enjoy her regaling us with her tales of her two rambunctious boys of under five and how she still keeps her individuality--and her marriage--so alive.

But fathers blogging? This is new to me. So when I followed the link on Karen's latest post to Metrodad I found myself scrolling through his posts non-stop, poring over his endlessly funny descriptions of his life as a father to a three-year-old in New York (in fact I'm in there now, at 3:30am. Brandon got hungry and I couldn't get back to sleep myself).

From what and how he writes, I have concluded that he is

  • probably the most interesting friend an average joe could have.
  • highly attractive--in the non-physical sense. But hey, if he says that he still skis, plays basketball and tennis at age thirty-five, he's probably in pretty good shape too. I think it's critical that fathers take care of their physical wellbeing, if not for their own sakes, then for their children. Especially if your job and hobbies keep you desk-bound.
  • a well-grounded person, despite all the cynicism and biting remarks.

Plus he's a stickler for correct English usage. :p Poke around his site. Go daddy bloggers!

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#1Gravatar imageChauffeurs says:

I too am a dad and i also cook, clean, chauffeur my kids around and police my local area to make sure my kids and others are safe, i think all this activity keeps me fit, if i had time i would like to go for a swim.

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