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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Family snapshot of all three of us We don't often get a chance to have our photos taken as a family--either the camera was left at home or the person who took the shot didn't send us a copy. So when an e-mail from James Katz arrived the other day I was very happy to find that he sent us a couple of shots taken of us at a friend's wedding just recently. Here's a rare photo of all three of us.

Brandon sitting on Han's shoulders Han once commented that Brandon has the same happy, smiling disposition in all of his photos we've published so far--so here's something different. :p He wasn't in his element that morning, bored having to sit through a long ceremony which he didn't understand anyway. There was nothing he could really play with. When he did get his hands on the bows tied to the chair in front of him, he ended up in a webby mess of string with bits of plastic flowers littering the floor.

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#1Gravatar imageruach says:

his element is adorable and, as far as i can tell, he’s always in it.

please don’t ever let me see him crying or screaming; i want this illusion intact.

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