Brandon Gets My Goat When…

Saturday, 19 January 2008

He whines and whines even though we're already in the process of getting what he wants--a bottle of milk, his porridge, taking him out of a room etc.

He throws a tantrum because he's not allowed to do something. Like eat a wad of tissue or toss a remote control around.

He squirms like crazy when he's being diapered, and yells because he'd much rather be doing something else.

He squirms like crazy when he's overtired. Sometimes he accidentally grabs my nipple while struggling (I tend not to wear bras at home), making me yelp, which in turn makes him cry.

Fortunately the annoyance dissolves as quickly as it comes especially when Brandon gets round to his more endearing antics, like burying his face in my tummy, or the one occasion when he looked at my protruding belly button and licked it.

It also helps that Han doesn't lose his cool when things get out of hand. That helps me calm down too.

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