First Attempt: Brandon’s Haircut

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

In Brandon's pen

One day I looked at Brandon and thought, what the heck, let's give your hair a trim. I grabbed a cloth to hold his hair in, and the safety scissors I use to trim his nails.

Sat him down on my lap on the sofa. He sat quietly--cool! So I start figuring out how to cut his hair. I kepit some hair on his crown with my left hand...

...and he sees the scissors. The squirming to get hold of the object of fascination begins. I summon help.

So now Brandon is being hugged by Han while seated on his knees, facing me. Everytime I bring the scissors close to his hair his gaze is FIXED on it--which means his head keeps bobbing up and down, then left and right when he started getting bored of sitting.

I desperately trimmed whatever little hair I could possibly clutch at, anywhere on his head. After a while I gave up, and Han let him resume his crawling.

There was a noticeably bald patch at the back of Brandon's head--Han pointed it out to me.


"It'll grow back!"

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