I Love Bobbi Brown!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

My latest fad. :"> Ladies, if you're looking for fuss-free makeup that's quick to apply and gives you that natural glow, head for any of Bobbi Brown's counters. I've fallen in love with her makeup, and her whole set of principles about enhancing women's natural beauty (as opposed to 'creating' beauty with makeup). Best of all, unlike all the other brands I've tried, I haven't broken out into spots after using the stuff. This is the first time I can confidently wear some colour during the day and not feel like an overdecorated cake.

Bobbi Brown's Neutral Eye Shadow Palette
Barely-there shades that lend a touch of class to any outfit, especially work wear. It helps that my wardrobe consists mainly of reds, browns, beiges, blacks and whites. A sweep of ivory on the upper eye lid, then one of the darker shades in the crease. With a wet brush, the darkest shade can be used as a more subtle eye liner. I was told by the salesgirl that it helps not to wear any eye cream so as to stop the colours from smudging. It works for the first few hours, but my skin gets oily on its own anyway.

Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Liner
A water resistant liner. I'm still looking for the elusive one that stays completely smudge-free on my skin though. Mine is in Espresso, bought quite some time back.

Bobbi Brown's Blusher
Flushed, not sun-burned. For a neutral look, the shade of blusher that I was recommended was Tawny.

Bobbi Brown's Palette System Holder
And how could I resist getting some brushes and a pouch to hold everything in? 😛 The set includes mini-sized brushes for blusher, eyeshadow and eyeliner, plus a mini-sized Everything Mascara (which I have yet to try).

I love my current collection. I've been carrying them everywhere I go for the past few days! The only drawback is that it's so blinking expensive. :-s But I know that I bought things that I will Definitely use on a regular basis. Girly mags won't be able to tempt me to buy any more face paints for a very, Very long while!

On another note, it's strange that I've only entered this phase after giving birth; maybe it's some subconscious desire to do something--Anything--to regain pre-motherhood looks.

Too bad I can't do anything about my hips. 🙁

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