Brandon at 6 months

Monday, 17 September 2007

Brandon on papa's lapBrandon has officially turned our lives topsy turvy (and we love it!) for 6 months now. He's developing very nicely, as far as we can tell. Now that he's used to rolling over, has better hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, he's extremely keen to check out and interact with his surroundings. If he's being carried and he spots something that interests him, he tends to lean right over--so that he's more or less slumped horizontally across your chest but with his gaze still riveted on his object of attention.

Brandon having his first biscuitAs a little 'celebration' we let him have a go at his first Rusk. What a mess! The powdery, doughy goo was on his cheeks, his nose, his chin, in between his fingers, on his little table, and of course, on the floor. I was very thankful that I didn't have to try to wipe it off his hair.

He didn't finish it though--about two thirds into the biscuit, he sort of gave up, and started to wail. We're not sure whether it was because he didn't like how it tasted (I tried some--it wasn't very nice actually), or because it felt gross all over his hands and face, or if he got tired sitting in his high chair. He hasn't managed to sit up by himself yet but he thoroughly enjoys doing so when assisted. One book described it as the baby having to "grow into his head", before he's strong enough to do so.

Han and Brandon in the poolRight now, this has to be the most different of all ways we play with Brandon on the weekends. 3 weeks ago I got him a pair of special swim nappies from Mothercare (to prevent 'accidents' while in the pool) so we could finally let him get used to being in the water. So far we think he quite enjoys the sensation. He doesn't laugh or smile though--maybe he's just fascinated with the experience. He knows he has to keep his head above the water. If it's cold, he makes little gasping sounds. This past weekend, he experimented putting his mouth underwater (I don't know if he was drinking the stuff, though) and held on to the edge of the pool. He also got a bit of a fright when he wobbled out of Han's hold, dunking his whole head in the water by accident. All he needed was a reassuring cuddle and he stopped crying.

At certain times of the day, Brandon will keep himself occupied chewing enthusiastically on his teething ring and babbling incessantly. It's adorable. And he seems to find new ways to make your heart melt even after you're convinced it can't possibly go any further.

Happy 6 months baby!


#1Gravatar imageSee Ming and Sim says:

Happy Six Months Brandon, we’ve enjoyed watching you grow on the blog.. hope to meet you soon..

#2Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

OMG, he’s so cute! he looks exactly like Ngeow in his Rusk biscuit picture! 🙂

#3Gravatar imageVanessa says:

omg, Brandon is so adorable! The sweeteset thing ever! I haven’t gotten to see him yet though 🙁 Hope you’re doing well Michelle che-che 🙂


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