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Saturday, 18 August 2007


Boy, this place has been quiet. I hate having to deal with writer's block--especially if it's to do with my personal stuff. I haven't figured out if that is a result of there being nothing worth blogging about, or that I just can't pull out the right words fast enough.

Anyway, a low down of what has transpired in the past 3 weeks:

  1. Brandon had his first fever and diarrhoea within 10 days of each other. Pulled through both like a champ. Fever happened right after we went up to Penang and stayed in an aunt's house lined in cat fur (but she and my uncle were good hosts, to be fair). Then he got the runs when Ratih gave him 2 whole bananas in a day, on top of some boiled carrots in pork soup. :-s A bacterial culture showed that there was salmonella in his digestive tract. Doc said that it would be gradually eliminated from his system, no cause for too much worry. Reminded Ratih to be extra careful when handling his bottles and washing her hands thoroughly before handling him. Absolutely NO SOLIDS until he's six months old, and even then, introduced in small amounts. What was she thinking...?
  2. Lost one member of my staff to an insurance company. Gotta look for another writer. Here we go again... :-<
  3. Launched a new fund. The event itself was okay, but we're having trouble with our new ad agency--the guy handling our account tends to overpromise. Our brochures couldn't be sent to the banks in time for the launch because of their shoddy chinese translation work. My boss was (and still is, I think) pretty mad about it. Hope to resolve this soon.
  4. Been sick right after launch till now. Some nasty flu bug.
  5. Brandon can easily roll over onto his tummy now. If he protests while on the changing table it can get pretty scary.
  6. I got upset with Han one night cuz I felt totally neglected. He was always on his PC either surfing or playing games in the evenings, and all I wanted was a cuddle and some time with him after a long day. I told him. Doesn't seem to have changed much since then, actually.
  7. Han helped me start off on a long-term goal setting exercise, which I've yet to complete. It's quite exciting to see your aspirations all laid out on paper, and they look more attainable when placed along a timeline. It could be leading to a turning point within the coming year. 😉

My pillow beckons. My head hurts. Gotta work hard to fall asleep, the irony...

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