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Friday, 22 June 2007

I'm now a full time mom, working part time in a 9 to 5 job--that much is apparent now that I've been back at the office for just over a month. The word 'challenging' is getting tired as part of my vocabulary. Besides getting back into the office rhythm I'm also taking time to express milk for Brandon, which effectively breaks any sort of flow I get into with my work. The anxiety of not having enough time to focus on the task at hand, and the frustration edges both ways--into my duties as an employee as well as that of a mother.


Let it be known that I can't think of having it any other way. And believe it or not, I truly am happy with the way things are. God just gives us all different situations to deal with and grow in--what matters is that we turn out well enough to make Him proud.

I took a break from work today. This morning Brandon went to have his 2nd booster for the triple antigen. He was a brave fella--when the needle went into his bum he gave a little peep and that was all. No hysterics of any kind, save a bit of fussing around a short while later in the car. Then I caught up with Souldoctor over an extended, chatty lunch at Porto Romano (there's still a lot more we haven't covered, gotta meet up again soon ya? 😉 ). Came home, called up some tinting shops to ask for quotes to tint our study windows. Fetched Han from work, went over to his parents', relaxed in the massage chair for 15 minutes, had a simple dinner, watched The Whole Nine Yards while feeding Brandon.

Not long after we came back to our apartment, distant rumbling thunder soon heralded the rain.

I love the rain. When it visits us at night it warms and soothes me. It gets me thinking about perspective, and that things aren't really as worrisome as they seem.


#1Gravatar imageAsad says:

Hey Michelle..

Just glad to know you guys are keeping well… not to mention, keeping busy 🙂

Whole Nine Yards, eh? hehe, havent watched that in a while… hilarious!!

#2Gravatar imagesooaun says:


#3Gravatar imageChin Hui says:

you hit home michelle… feel the same too.. reading this sends a lot of comfort and encouragement as well as motivation to move on.. hi hi.. am on leave today too… just stealing time for myself..needed that badly 🙂

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