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Monday, 30 April 2007

Some of you may know that I like dancing. I love movement. Movement is liberation. To me our individual bodies are just one of the many wondrous blessings that God has given us to explore and use to its fullest potential--regardless of whether or not they are 'perfect' (i.e. be it beautiful or without defect).

Now with Brandon to watch over nearly every hour of the day, I've come to appreciate movement even more--because that, along with his voice, is his only means of communicating with us. With dance, we know that purposeful movement speaks volumes and we can emote so much through the mere twitch of a finger or eyebrow...I'm so aware of that when I observe Brandon. He depends on us being able to pick up on his cues to tell us what he needs.

I'm fantasizing how utterly cool it would be if our son turns out to have a love for dance too.


#1Gravatar imageShen says:

Every night before I put Gavin down to bed, I’ll put on some music and dance with him until he falls asleep.

I know a lot of books say I should train him to fall asleep on his own but I love the time I get to spend holding him close to me.

I’ve also read that it teaches him about rhythmn and movement to be able to feel how I move to the music.

#2Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

guys should realise that being able to dance is a good and decent “alternate” way of picking up girls.

heh 🙂

#3Gravatar imageSush says:

hi michelle. its great to read of your new joy! 😉 been reading every now and then. and yes…guys should have the passion of dance. all the girls will fall flat… grin
it would be pretty cool to see Brandon taking on your love for the arts! haha.

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