Don’t Feed Baby In A Moving Vehicle

Thursday, 26 April 2007

I know it sounds obvious, but we all learned it the hard way yesterday.

Brandon had a nice long nap while waiting for me to be done with my afternoon out with a couple of other mothers at someone's house. He went without a feed for 4 hours and slept through the entire outing, only waking up rather crotchety when I reached Han's office to fetch him. We thought that once Brandon and mother were nicely settled in the backseat of the car, and he was nicely wrapped up in the sarong sling and latched on for his feed, we could make our way to Ikea for dinner and a quick round of shopping.

So off we went.

Brandon was nursing well enough. He was done by the time we had parked the car at Ikea--he just needed to be burped. That was when he brought back up what looked like all of his dinner, the poor thing. 🙁 I felt very guilty because I really should have known better than to subject a baby to bouncing around in a car (along Malaysian roads, no less) and make him eat lying down.

We were very, very lucky to have such a good tempered baby, as once he was done bringing up his dinner, he was back to being chirpy and chatty again. For a whole hour.


#1Gravatar imagefeio says:

ahahahah! that’s so cute!! XD

#2Gravatar imageShen says:

Haha… I haven’t tried that one although I had thought about trying it. Perhaps I’ll give that a miss after your experience.

We usually find a quiet spot where we can stop the car by the side of the road so I can feed the baby.

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