1 Month Old!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

A bit bigger now

Detail of Brandon's full moon party to follow...


#1Gravatar imageSee Ming says:

happy happy one month Brandon!

#2Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

hehe he looks so serious, like in deep thought. happy full moon brandon!

(hope he likes the mini camp we got him! 😉 )

#3Gravatar imageAsad says:

A month already??? Time does fly, doesnt it???

(btw, for us unfamiliars, it wud really help if someone here explained the concept of a Full Moon Party 😀 )

#4Gravatar imageYen says:

that is such a zoolander pose!
ah! i wish i could be there…
much love to you three.

#5Gravatar imageRachel says:

Hi Pretty mummy,

Brandon looks soooooooo cute~~!!!
We are looking forward to see him, bring la to office??
Yoges & Fazlun & shirah say hi to u ..
take care & Fazlun specially thanking for your ayamas chicken.

Rachel, Yoges, Fazlun

#6Gravatar imageJack Shen says:


He does look like he just came back from Bali with a tan!

Happy Full Moon Brandon… sorry I cud not stay for the whole thing!


#7Gravatar imagemindy says:

Wow! time sure does fly! baby B has almost the same fullmoon as my niece, Sarah. Happy 1 month Brandon.. auntie mindy will teach you how to pick up chicks in time 😀

#8Gravatar imageVui How says:

wah~ Jr looks like Wu Han’s clone!!

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