Breastfeeding is Hard Work

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Worries over there being enough milk in the fridge for his night feeds. Chugging fish and green papaya soup. Sometimes getting sore nipples after feeds. :-s Leaky boobs at night. Baby waking and crying frequently if I didn't let him feed long enough.

If it weren't for Han's unflagging support by researching the topic, always patiently encouraging me to carry on, and the reassurance from other more experienced mothers, I would have thrown in the towel by now. And I thank God for answering my prayers about how to cope with this particular responsibility, like knowing what to do, how to do it etc.

First milestone is to make it to 2 months on exclusive breastfeeding. On on!


#1Gravatar imagesooaun says:

sigh… the sacrifices mothers make… i’m gonna gime my mum a big hug tonight 🙂

gambatte!!! you can do it!!!!

#2Gravatar imagedesriel says:

hey michelle

didnt know that my company is doing some advertising job for u. im sure u know carole/Mkuan. small world eh?
catch up with u real soon. take care babe!

#3Gravatar imagemiaow! says:

hun, you can do it…! i mean, i might be mis quoting but… phil 4:13… truly, you’ve got all three of your men with you (the Father, your hubby and your huge bundle of joy here) you’re all good, sweetie.. set. not to mention, bro and dad… so really, truly set 😀

huge hugs!

#4Gravatar imageShen says:

Yep, I totally agree. When I read about breastfeeding, it seemed like such a simple thing until I finally got around to the “doing” part.

As a mother breastfeeding her three month old baby, I can say that it does get easier so hang in there!

I don’t know if it’s the case for everyone else, but I found my breasts have stopped leaking and the nipples don’t hurt so much now.

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