Thursday, 29 March 2007

Lightly roastedBrandon is already able to push himself up with his arms and lift his head! Photo was taken during the last of his morning sunning sessions, which he seemed to have grown accustomed to. This time, however, he was protesting. Maybe he knew we finally threw away the old cotton pads that were used to cover his eyes at the hospital during the light treatment and used fresh pantyliners instead (I hope he'll forgive me for that some day).


#1Gravatar imageSee Ming says:

Wow, proof that he is going to be as if not more athletically inclined than the both of you!


#2Gravatar imageMindy says:


#3Gravatar imageserena says:

HAHAHAHHAHAHA i had to read that line TWICE to double check what i was reading.

#4Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

LOL! i guess there are always more than one (creative) way to use pantyliners! XD

#5Gravatar imageAsad says:


ok, i give up… even I cant think of somethin to say bout that…

actually, i can… but the sudden outburst of thoughts of creativity has me wonderin wut i shud say first…

So i’ll play it safe: Keep up with the upper-body workouts, Brandon!!! 😉

Michelle: If someday(once lil Brandon’s all grown up) he appears to have a mind-boggling affinity towards panty-liners, I hope you come up with a good cover story 😛

#6Gravatar imageJessie says:

Sanitary pads???????
Mitch – I laughed so much till I had tears in my eyes. I hope Brandon’s friends will never read this blog entry otherwise he is in for some industrial teasing in school.

#7Gravatar imagesooaun says:

wow, he’s already doing them warmups… it’ll be no time before he can do a ponche!

ok… we’ll just keep the pantyliner secret among us… 😉 hehe. wait till uncle sooaun tells you what mummy did to you when you were little… 😀

#8Gravatar imagemiaow! says:

hahaha panty liners… hehe wait. important question… the fragrant one? or plain? hehe coz the fragrant one’s smell nice too… a light lil flowery fragrance 😉

and yesh… there are many many ways to use… erm…. sanitary pads.

apparently, one bachelor used it to “stop” the sink from “over-flowing” one sunday night in his dorm… hehe he said the pads (he used a few to cover the whole pipe) and I quote

“soaked it all up like a charm til i could get the plumber in the next afternoon”

end quote.

so there… many a use indeed. hmm no idea y i shared that… bleh 😀

#9Gravatar imageIronMass says:

i love your interpretation of the word determination… and also i love your photo…

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