Brandon’s Bilirubin Levels Easing Up

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Yesterday we went for another round of tests to check on Brandon's bilirubin levels at Pantai Medical Centre--it's come down from a peak of 238 umol/l to 228 umol/l. It's only a slight decrease, but we're thankful all the same that it's starting to come off a bit.

I'm still worried though. :-< We expect the paediatrician, Dr Yong Sin Chuen to call us up for another test to confirm if it's a definite downtrend in bilirubin levels. Han's been trying to reassure me that he'll be fine (for which I'm grateful) so long as we keep sunning him and bathing him in Guinness.

I'd be more at ease if:

  1. the change in bili levels was more significant than just 10 umol/l.
  2. Brandon didn't happen to start regurgitating some of his milk in the past couple of days.
  3. his eyes looked less yellow.

Please keep praying for him, that the weather holds up and we still get lots of sunshine in the mornings. Thanks.

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#1Gravatar imageCC says:

No worry… Brandon will be fine soon… the weather is @ your side. God blessed

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