Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Happy babySorry for the lack of updates. Last few days have been hectic--happy hectic :). Just getting Brandon settled down to routine and Michelle rested and well-fed so that baby can be rested and well-fed. We took him back for a follow-up check up today at Dr. Yong's and his blood test came back a bit high on the bilirubin (see Neonatal Jaundice). He's about 222 umol/L (recommended levels should be less than 250).

The doctor recommended us to organise home bili light therapy (about RM 375 for 3 days from a private contractor) for Brandon, we decided to opt for the ol' fashioned method of just putting him out to sun and some traditional therapy of bathing him in some Guinness Stout. We were let off with a stern disclaimer of responsibility from the doctor and to follow up this Thursday to see if his condition improves. As far as we're concerned, if he's feeding and sleeping well, he won't need any artificial therapy. Just let him develop as nature intends.

We're now planning our daily routine to revolve around Brandon's sleeping and feeding habits. We hope to lock down his pattern so that it's easier to schedule the day, this would really help Michelle finish all the things she need to do daily (like bathing, eating and resting). I'll be going back to work tomorrow, don't know if I'll have any baby-separation-blues. I can't wait for the weekend to come so I can spend more time with them!


#1Gravatar imagesooaun says:

ah, he’s such a cutie isn’t he… all our love and best wishes to the three of you!

#2Gravatar imageHilmy says:

Traditional therapy by bathing in Guinness Stout? Seriously? First I’ve heard of that one.

#3Gravatar imageDaisy says:

Dear Michelle,

Congratulations! Little Brandon is soooo cute! May this special gift brings you lots of joy and blessing and may the love and grace of our God be sufficient for every of your needs (even early morning feedings too). Really happy for you. 🙂

#4Gravatar imageerna says:

Oh my, I have been so out of this…and missed Baby Brandon’s birth! Congratulations, he’s so lovely.

And I’ll always remember his birthday because he shares it with my dad. 😉

Hugs and kisses to you both, enjoy that first year of discovery. 🙂

#5Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks everyone! 🙂

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