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Thursday, 15 March 2007

Just got back from Pantai Medical Centre after admitting Michelle into the delivery ward. Her contractions started this morning at about 3am and cervix is now dilated to about 4cm. Contractions has tapered off and slowed down when I left, which is normal for a first child. The midwife reckons that our son should be delivered anytime today or tomorrow. Mich's officially gone into labour! I'm going into office in a bit to sort out my work then back to the hospital after lunch. In any case, the hospital (or Mich herself) will give me a call if Brandon decides to start the show earlier.

Will try to update again, post-delivery (hopefully with pics) and let everyone know the room we'll be in. The delivery ward is off-limits to everyone--except fathers :p. But Mich's still got her mobile, so if you like, do give her a quick buzz of encouragement. If she's not answering, she's probably busy pushing! Do pray for us!

Excited, anxious, crazy mad happy and still so much to do!


#1Gravatar imageAsad says:

Congratulations n All the Best Michelle n Tarta!!!

Our prayers and best wishes are with you guys!!

#2Gravatar imagekOtAk says:


#3Gravatar imageAsad says:


The Journey has begun… and we’ll be there providing our constant, neverending (and sometimes annoying) support… not to mention, we get the job of spoiling him!! 😀

#4Gravatar imageImminent Arrival at Quetzal Logic says:

[…] over a year ago, I posted this update over at my wife’s blog about my son’s delivery and since then he’s been a real […]

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