Sleepless Night

Thursday, 18 January 2007

The beginning of many more, I reckon. Han very ingeniously propped me up in bed with a sofa cushion, my normal pillow and another small one. It made my sleeping posture a lot easier to bear with. These days I'm not meant to lie flat on my back because it restricts the blood flow from a major aorta to the uterus, plus I'm convinced it does something weird to my pelvis that makes walking a bit of a pain in the mornings. My back is thankful for the additional support now.

Unfortunately, feeling warmer than usual (even in an air-conditioned room with no blanket on) has been keeping me awake. So I'll just muck around here while nursing a cup of hot cocoa. With Brandon fidgeting a little to keep me company. 🙂 He's growing quite nicely now--at the recent checkup Dr Wong estimated that he's weighing in at about 1.4kg (at 32 weeks), his head's the right size and his heartbeat, which varied between 131 and 135 bpm, was normal. Our gorgeous little darling is as lively as ever.

Hm...I was going to post some photos, but my feeble attempt at putting together a collage on photoshop isn't turning out well. :"> And I'm getting hungry...

banana leaf rice
Banana leaf rice at Nirwana. I want. NOW.

But since that's not possible I'll content myself with Nutella on cream crackers.

Work's been getting even more hectic. My limits are being tested. I know I can come out with bragging rights that I have done such and such once things have cooled down somewhat, but in the meantime things need to be planned and executed at mind-boggling speed. I'm truly thankful that my colleague, Rachel, has returned from her maternity leave. Without her quick thinking and action I'm sure I wouldn't be doing much better than a snail.

Speaking of work, it would be a good idea for me to try to sleep a brainstorming meeting later in the morning for our upcoming fund launch.


#1Gravatar imageAsad says:

That nasi lemak looks SERIOUSLY tempting… more so than any other ive seen during my time in KL… i may be writing all this under the influence of severe hunger pangs, though…

On a happier note: 32 weeks, eh? not long left now… All the best!!!

#2Gravatar imageAsad says:

whoops… i meant banana leaf rice… guess i really AM under the influence :P… my bad!!

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