Tip on Maternity Wear

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Non-maternity, bias-cut dresses will still fit you quite nicely even while pregnant. I bought a couple of them as office wear from the Carven label in Isetan about a year ago and they're still a part of my wardrobe now. 🙂 They're mercifully comfortable! Yet another bonus is that because of the way the fabric falls, the bias cut is also quite flattering for mums-to-be (especially when viewed from the front) as it still flows with your waistline.


#1Gravatar imageserena says:

but michelle. you’re so nicely proportionate (and TALL) that ANYTHING would fall nicely on you!!

#2Gravatar imageHilmy says:

Hey, MS is offering a free accounting software. Yes, I know, it’s MS, but it’s free. Thought you might want to try it.


#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Serena: Hehe, thanks but I must be mentally prepared for all that to change very soon. Everyone succumbs to age and its trappings after all. I hear that it’s easier for younger mums to get back to their former shapes though.

Hilmy: Cool, thanks! It looks interesting to use, but alas, I work with a Mac at home… :p I’ll probably give it a spin at the office though (provided the PC doesn’t crash).

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