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Monday, 23 October 2006

Picture post! Han and I dropped by at KLCC to catch the last day of the BMW Art Cars Tour at the Galeri Petronas. There are 15 art cars on tour, but sadly only 4 were on display and only 2 we honestly appreciated:

Roy Lichtenstein's Art Car
Roy Lichtenstein's Art Car

Ken Done's Art Car
Ken Done's Art Car--I loved this one! Check out those colours, they're such a riot!

Ken Done's Art Car, side view
A closer view of Ken Done's work on the side of the car. According to the writeup on the artist, Ken has painted parrots and parrot fish--which does explain the colours he used. :p

Andy Warhol did one car, but frankly I thought it was hideous:

Andy Warhol's BMW

Later we pigged out at Chilli's, devouring 1 and a half rounds of the bottomless tostada chips, plus another starter and a margharita (it was happy hours after all). We deftly avoided going into a food coma by finally deciding to get off the chairs and walk around, and met up with Priscilla who was visiting from Singapore. Han suggested we visit Aquaria, which we were all quite excited about.

Aquaria wasn't huge by any measure, but we sure did enjoy ourselves!

Pris holding a slipper lobster
The first exhibit was the touch pools! This is Pris holding a slipper lobster (her first words were, "Oh, I've eaten those before...") which clung on tight to her hand even though she put it back in the water right next to a piece of coral. They were furry! And tickly! Apart from the lobsters there was another pool where you can handle bamboo sharks--they were gorgeous little things, and their skin textures were so...molestable. The upper sides were slightly rubbery, while their bellies were so delicate. I was afraid I would hurt them, so I didn't want to handle them for long. There was an idiot of a visitor who lifted a shark right out of the water, so the poor thing was thrashing around for a bit.

Aquaria is part of a turtle conservation programme, and houses some juveniles in its tanks. This little fella is said to be about a year old and is about as big as your hand. They look cute but we later found out how vicious they can be.

This cutie is smaller than your fist--and we witnessed one of its kind falling victim to a hungry baby turtle. It was all very Discovery Channel-like; a turtle began chasing a small puffer fish and finally caught on to its tail. Eventually it began tearing up the pufferfish's belly. While the fish was still alive, another 2 turtles joined in to relentlessly pick at it. The pufferfish was literally in shreds by the time its fins stopped moving and it floated to the bottom of the pool. After that, the three of us were yelling at this pufferfish to escape another turtle that was beginning to chase it. It survived, as far as we could tell.

Some of the other things we saw:

A very large frog.

An iguana.

A solitary marmoset, which Priscilla thought was rather cruel.

Then we came to the section before the underwater tunnel, where there were so many displays of absolutely ginormous fish and turtles that photos just wouldn't do justice to. There were 2 arapaima gigas (which were at least as long as a man) in a tank together with giant catfish, and in another tank 2 monstrous soft-shelled turtles lurking at the bottom. We all wondered just how old those things were to be able to grow to that size.

Then in the underwater tunnel Han took dozens of shots of sharks, sting rays and other specimens.

Pris, me and a shark
The lighting in there was really tricky to deal with, and flash photography wasn't allowed.

I think Han was particularly proud of this shot. And yes, if you were wondering the flash did go off for this picture by accident. :p

We spent at least 2 and a half hours going through all the exhibits in Aquaria, and we truly did have a good time. It's rare that we find other people to ogle at this kind of thing with such enthusiasm. Plus it was a treat to catch up with an old friend. 🙂

By the way, Pris, you are our first non-family member to have visited our apartment! We're so glad to have spent the afternoon and evening with you, and you'll always be welcome to drop by whenever you're in town. And I'll definitely need tips on how to handle my kid in the very near future!

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