It Got Off To A Bad Start

Saturday, 7 October 2006

I stayed up on Thursday night to complete a piece of work for the office, hoping that I could help get things moving along for that portion of the fund launch by availing it to the other manager for his approval. By the time I was done it was 5:30am, so I thought I'd just take the morning off the next day and get back to the office.


By 9am I was feeling rather awful, and by 12pm I had thrown up twice and made 6 trips to the loo. I couldn't hold down any food. Here's a tip: don't bother going to clinics at around 1pm, cuz you're quite likely to find that all of them are out to lunch. We couldn't believe our luck--there were 3 clinics in a row in SEA Park, and all were closed at the same time. Even the pharmacist nearby was out. Thankfully my mom-in-law was around to accompany me to the doctor's later. He informed us that there was probably a gastro-intestinal virus going round the Klang Valley because there have been numerous cases of food poisoning in the past few days.

Friday passed with me sleeping off the bug. I've also lost 2kg in weight. 🙁 All I've eaten in the past 24 hours is a bowl of plain porridge last night and some oats this morning, so poor baby hasn't had anything substantial either. At least I'm much better now but my appetite hasn't quite recovered yet. No oily food for a while.

Things have really picked up though. The haze seems to have been blown away by an afternoon of prolonged steady breeze, and I can walk around a bit without feeling sick. Maybe we'll go out to dinner tonight. Or go for Han's birthday roda! 🙂 We thought it would be cancelled because of the haze, but now that it's cleared I'm sure the boys will be raring to go. Good thing he's taking a nap now...looks like he'll need the energy later. 😉


#1Gravatar imageruach says:

sorry to hear that. 🙁 stay indoors and rest well on account of the haze! put back 3kg! c’mon!

#2Gravatar imagelionie says:

Hey… You sound pretty bad on the food poisoning… Do you want me to
make my specialty “Emperor Chicken w Herbs” It’s good for you and the baby… Meanwhile, how are you feeling? Take care and rest well…

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks for the encouragement guys. 🙂

Lionie: Wow, was that the chicken you brought over for the Bantus Anniversary celebration? If you’re making that dish especially for me then you must stay for dinner to share it with us, okay?

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