Happy 26th Birthday To a Wonderful Companion

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Wu Han turns 26 today. 🙂 I hope he's happy, although the first thing I heard in the middle of the night was, "Oh-My-GOD" because of the dormant muscles he's finally woken up during Monday's hard training session. :p

I'm really looking forward to spending many more years with this man. Being stupid, sharing fears and laughter, learning together. Building hopes and memories. I can't think of a better way that I've been blessed.


#1Gravatar imagemindy says:

HAppy Birthday Wu Han!!! 🙂

#2Gravatar imageYen says:

here’s to a blessed 26th
you’ve got so much to look forward to 🙂
will have to have belated biday drinks when i get to KL

#3Gravatar imageWu Han says:

Thanks for the birthdays wishes! Definitly gotta catch up on the goss and drinks when all you lovely ladies come by KL again! I’ll have to drink for three since Mich and the baby is off the alcoholics… 😉

#4Gravatar imageligeiro says:

Happy Birthday! Too bad I’ll have to miss your birthday roda this weeeknd!

#5Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

Happy Birthday Ngeow-korr! 🙂

#6Gravatar imageserena says:

happy birthday ngeow!!!

#7Gravatar imageMona says:

Happy Birthday Wu Han..

Happy Moon Cake Festival!

#8Gravatar imagedesriel says:

Happy Birthday!
wishing u many happiness in return!

#9Gravatar imagemiaow! says:

hic appeee birdie, ngeow! hic


hic siiiii… immza ssslezabrading feewr ewe awledi

hehe 🙂 cheers!

#10Gravatar imageAsad says:

happy Birthday wu Han!!! Enjoy the birthday roda.. wish i was there for it, hehe…

#11Gravatar imageruach says:

err…are you still accepting happy birthday wishes, or am i too late? sheepish in the event of the latter, here’s mine for next year:


#12Gravatar imageWu Han says:

:)) Thanks everyone for the b’day wishes! You’ve all really made my week++. Hope to meet up with you lot soon for some teh and biscuits!

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