Rat Race

Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Of all days, I chose not leave my camera in my clutch bag to work.

I was walking my usual route from the LRT station, across the centre court of KLCC to Ramlee Mall. As I passed Marks & Spencer, my eyes happened to lower slightly and I caught sight of a rat on the floor next to one of the stand alone stalls.

It was quite dead even though its eyes were still open. It didn't look as if it was trampled on, squashed or physically hurt. I thought it looked as if it just crawled out of wherever it was previously, lost steam and gave in to exhaustion. It was a pitiful sight.

The rat was facing the direction a lot of people take to get to their workplaces in the mornings. Sure enough, as I was standing there contemplating it, the next wave of LRT commuters was already approaching. The only other person who seemed to pay it any mind was the cleaning lady who was eyeing it warily while on her walkie talkie (presumably discussing with the person on the other end on how to clear it away).

The message imprinted on me was so stark.

A dead rat. Dead along the path taken by we who are part of KL's mad rat race. One who lost the drive or ability to survive, and succumbed.

And the rest of the world continued on without it.


#1Gravatar imagemindy says:

Pretty good analogy…. but then if we don’t work hard then can’t survive in the future or on a rainy day… sigh I so wish I could be happy surviving weaving flowers at a beach somewhere but that won’t be enough financially.

#2Gravatar imageChoon says:

Hey, I thought I’m supposed to be the depressed one.

#3Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

i saw a dead rat on the road today – a victim of a hit and run i think. hope we are never ever caught in that situation…

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