Tuesday, 5 September 2006

This is getting embarassing--yet another day off to rest at home. I got dressed as usual for work this morning, and just when I was packing my stuff and woke Han, things started to go downhill. My legs went all wobbly, I was light-headed and lost my balance once or twice. Decided to skip work and head to the doctor's instead.

I mean, I believe in taking breaks from work once in a while, but this is just making me feel guilty. My boss probably questions his decision to hire me whenever this happens. 🙁 Doesn't help at all that there's so much work to doooooo...

Anyway. After I got my MC I slept the entire morning off, then had a block of tofu for lunch while making a batch of salsa for later. Rested some more. Made beetroot juice with apples and an orange--yeuch! It was a bit hard to keep down as it was surprisingly sickly-sweet. It's nutritious. I would only consume more of the stuff out of curiosity, cuz apparently you could end up having pink pee for a while.

For dinner we had warm flour tortillas stuffed with salsa, grilled chorizos, strips of peppered pork loin, stir fried purple beans, alfalfa and grated cheddar. I didn't realise it would be that yummy! And healthy too, I think.

A side effect of staying home is that the more I do, the more ready I feel to be a full-time home maker. Where I'll have time to do things at my own pace, sort out our finances, tidy up the nursery, read up about the baby, surf the net for interesting recipes...or could that merely be wishful thinking on my part?

Check out this art piece:

Mandala 2, Ahmar

I was searching the web for examples of Islamic art as inspiration for one of the things I'm doing at work. Stumbled across this piece by Ron Gang, an Israeli. I quite like his use of colours. Having sifted through 20-odd pages of Google images on Islamic art, I suppose it was refreshing to see something that's not so rigidly geometric, yet preserves a sense of balance. I've sent him an e-mail but have yet to receive a reply.

Off to bed now.


#1Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

“I mean, I believe in taking breaks from work once in a while, but this is just making me feel guilty… Doesn’t help at all that there’s so much work to doooooo…”

totally agree with you here. i’m taking 2 days off this wkend and i just got a whole load of work (incidentally from another dept) which may need me to come back to work. doesn’t help that my boss said yesterday “i think you guys are taking on too much. u hv to be more focused”.

sigh. its only us (the minions) who are on the losing end..

#2Gravatar imageAsad says:

readin bout ur dinner made me feel Major hungry… but the pink-pee thought kinda ruined everything… mite just try that outta curiosity thou… :s…

neways, despite the fact that u recently started work at the new place n r already taking off-days, im pretty sure ur boss already understands wuts going on.. in the meantime, just cruise for awhile… i doubt getting tensed up is helping much… so enjoy the off-days while u can.. after all, in a few months, off-days are gonna have an entirely different meaning for you 🙂

btw, i just realized that none of my advice might make sense, but wut the hey, I’m bored at work again 😛

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