One Long Day

Saturday, 26 August 2006

It was bad enough that the ad agency who was pitching for a job with us turned up an hour late, partly due to bad traffic, which was worsened by the downpour on KL that started around 5pm. I was also in a dress which made me itch all day, and contact lenses that dried up my eyes. The makeup which I painstakingly applied in the morning was now melting and smudging.

Then when I arrived at the turnstiles to the KLCC LRT station, there was a sea of people milling about in the area--the staff had barred people from getting onto the platform. Later we were informed that the Sri Rampai station was flooded, therefore causing the entire service to grind to a near standstill. By the time I was lucky enough to be let through the gates, I overheard disgruntled chatter amongst other commuters that the train currently at the platform (which was in the direction of home) hadn't moved in the past 45 minutes.

Fortunately though, Kalamari rang me to ask if I would like to hitch a ride with a friend of his who happened to drive to work. I hesitated, thinking that the roads would be horrendously jammed too...but Han reasoned that getting stuck in and underground train would be far worse than being chauffeured through heavy traffic. So I went along with Kalamari and his friend, who later dropped us off at the Bantus academia. The journey took just over 45 minutes--we were truly blessed. I reckon most of the cars were still mired in KL which had suffered flash floods on some major roads (surprise, surprise), so by the time we hit PJ it was smooth traffic all the way.

Joined Han at Bantus music class. Sang, played some music, clapped. At 10pm we met up with Ruach at William's for supper. Daniel, who turned out to be in KLCC too, arrived much later having spent an hour and 25 minutes on the LRT to get from KLCC to Bangsar. Poor fella...he was still in good spirits though. Caught up with him and Ruach, always a treat. 🙂

So now we're home, I don't smell of William's cooking anymore and I've finally cleaned off my raccoon eyes. I need to be sayanged. Thank God it's the weekend.

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