The Good Kind of Aches

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Last night we trained like hamsters on steroids, then sat down for a meeting with the rest of the Bantus partners and Rafael till midnight. Lots of updates, lots of plans, lots of news--all of which were good. After that, since Han and I didn't have dinner before class, we staked out at the nearby mamak for supper and had the chance to chat some more with Rafael. By the time we finally got home and turned out the lights, it was 2am.

Waking up this morning was a chore. I wasn't dreading work, no. The weather was perfect for a jump-out-of-bed kind of day--cool, bright, and crisp--but all limbs were lead weights, my lower back radiating with aches and the soles of my feet were burning from expansive blisters. So no jumping, no running about, no monkeying around. Just geriatric shuffling to get from A to B.

Another ache: why isn't there an e-mail in my inbox? I was supposed to get an e-mail today. Why's it taking so long? I'm excited! I'm scared. I've got butterflies.

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#1Gravatar imageTopogigio says:

Hey, we should do lunch sometime. Or bring your man over for dinner!

Heck, we have a mini-Bantus community in the KLCC area already.

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