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Sunday, 7 May 2006

Empty apartment

As I made out the cheque to Legend Electric Centre this afternoon, I subconsciously took the extra effort to make sure my writing was especially tidy.

After all, it was the deposit for the major appliances we're getting for the apartment. 😀

It was a wonderful feeling. Months of painstaking research on products and prices have finally paid off. With the help of bargain-conscious friends we zeroed in on this store that beat other dealers' prices flat--the savings we racked up were in the thousands.

So here they are--by far the biggest purchases we've made ever (after our Getz, that is):

  1. 3 Sharp aircond units
  2. 2 York aircond units
  3. 2 Joven water storage tanks
  4. 5 Alpha ceiling fans
  5. 1 Pacific cooker hood
  6. 1 Rinnai 3-burner hob
  7. 1 Ariston built-in oven
  8. 1 Samsung 2-door fridge
  9. 1 LG 7kg front loading washing machine
  10. 1 Simpson dryer
  11. 1 Electrolux vacuum cleaner

My parents have offered to pay for the washing machine and the dryer (thank you both!), while my in-laws are taking care of all the built-in cabinets for the bedrooms and the kitchen! How not to feel extremely blessed and just a tad guilty, given the fact that we're not having to scrimp or compromise alll that much to have access to pretty decent things.

We've also been making trips to lighting shops and Ikea to get ideas on how to illuminate our pad. To our surprise the most cost-effective place to get simple, clean-styled light fittings was still Ikea. All those places in Puchong etc had some of the ugliest, gaudiest things I've ever seen, and they weren't exactly cheap either. I guess what we really appreciate about the Ikea stuff is that they don't gild their lilies. Plus, to cater to our innate laziness, all the necessary accessories were all available right there.

It's all gooooooooood. More updates later. For now, it's back to whacking monsters with my beloved husband.


#1Gravatar imageTopogigio says:

You’re co-whacking monsters?! Yayyy!!!

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Topo: YESSSSSS! :p Back to Dungeon Siege II. Our characters reflect quite a number of aspects of our real selves. Let’s take our inventories, for instance. Han’s is squeaky clean with lots of room because he knows that the loot gets better as the game advances. As for me, I can’t decide which robe, helmet, staff, reagent to throw out cuz I might need them for later.

#3Gravatar imageJanet says:

cant say that i’m not jealous but i guess i’m more happy for u n Han than that lah 🙂

weeeeeee, a new home!!!! so exciting…….!!!!!!!

#4Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Janet: Thanks! Can’t wait to see what you would do with your own home next time.

#5Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Michelle, btw I am also looking bit by bit into home improvement aside my home-based arranging career; in fact, I just popped by Ikea and SOME THINGS disappoint me tho’ – to say that Ikea items are cost effective, NO, NO, NOT to the ENTIRETY for me…..what may attract me pricewise would be some sofa-bed at nearly RM600, some BILLY items (racks in natural finish or white), as well as 2 anti-slip rugs maybe for my home studio AND if my dear mom would allow me to purchase another for the hall. Pricing for office chairs in Ikea SUCK for me unless I can find cheaper ones elsewhere….any of your contacts know how Homelife stuff look like or how cost-effective they may be?

#6Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Anson: Yeah, we’ve learned that Ikea doesn’t hold the answer to every household furnishing need. :p I can’t say I know what Homelife things look or feel like, nor do we know of anyone in particular who would. The best advice we’ve taken heed of so far with regards to furniture is to check out those huge furniture malls next to major highways–the ones that advertise in the papers regularly. Lots of cheap and good things there! Just off the KL-Seremban highway is M.E.I Furniture Mall, which I personally feel is a great place to start with, due in part to the sheer variety of shops it houses (fif-ty-three of them).

Good luck with your furniture hunting, and your very own business! Haven’t had a chance to congratulate you personally on that.

#7Gravatar imagemazlin says:

Dear Michelle,

I was googling cheap electrical goods and your blog came up. I just bought my place and would be moving in soon. Just wondering, how cheap is Legend Electric Centre? My husband has his eyes on Electrolux 2-door fridge sigh

#8Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Mazlin: Hi! Firstly, congrats on your new pad. 🙂 Not quite sure how to quantify Legend’s degree of cheap-ness, but I’ll try sticking to using fridges as an illustration. We wanted to get a 2-door Toshiba, and in places like HSL it was retailing for about RM1,900. Legend offered a price that saved us over RM300. If you and your husband are still open to suggestions, the staff there can recommend you other products which might have better offerings, e.g. energy savings, availability of repair services etc. Bargain with them! Ask for a guy named Liang–his product knowledge bowled me over. Hope this helps. 🙂

#9Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Thanxalot Michelle 😀

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