Cheezels for Old Times’ Sake

Friday, 7 April 2006

some cast members

Junk food isn't really my thing, but the sight of that bag of Cheezels sitting on my desk over the past few days has helped me deal with post-production trauma. Thanks Sushee!

More photos of the cast party can be found here. (Did you know that Flickr automatically boots out old photos to make way for your new ones if there isn't enough space--without notifying you first? :()

Today is the 5th day after M's last show at Istana Budaya. The euphoria has already departed, leaving so many things from the production to ponder over. Comments from the audience were wide-ranging. Many shared their opinions on the production through Kakiseni (at the show's events page, the writeup on Saidah and particularly on Antares' review.) I'm not too impressed with the way some of the more antagonistic contributors were dishing out destructive comments, but I'm sure all relevant parties will know how to fish out the more useful feedback.

Some things I have learned throughout the production period:

  • It pays to keep your cool and your patience, no matter how cruddy a situation (or person) gets. Losing your temper could equate to people losing their respect for you.
  • Baby oil is a fantastic makeup remover, especially for the eyes! It also stops your skin from drying out after using facial wipes.
  • I'd recommend sun salutations as part of any physical warm-up routine. My hamstrings hurt less when I stretch them nowadays.
  • 'Lan chiau' does NOT mean 'blue bird'.
  • A combination of B-complex supplements and Brands Essence of Chicken keeps you on the move. During the performance period my daily schedule was like this: work from 9am-4:30pm, travel to Istana Budaya, be in performance mode between 5pm and 11pm, get home by midnight, sleep at 1am, wake up at 7am and repeat.
  • Cats do eat curry.
  • Hats off to Janet on this one: it is possible to drive a manual car, eat an apple, talk on the phone and have a conversation with your passenger all at the same time and not get into an accident. It's admirable, but certainly not advisable. :p
  • My 2 favourite phrases are "standing around like lemons" (Saidah) and "skank monsters" (Paula).

Some affirmations on what I already know:

  • I am blessed beyond comprehension--God is GOOD, and ALL the time.
  • God provides, giving us all that is necessary to overcome obstacles and be good testaments to our faith and relationships with Him. It's up to us to humble ourselves to His instructions.
  • God doesn't give up on us, even when we think ourselves a lost cause.
  • My husband is the most patient person I know of.
  • Mom, dad, Lionel--you will never know how much your support means to me.
  • Some of the most beautiful things--relationships, art, character--are borne out of painful trials, intense pressure and being engulfed by the dark side of everything. Then when an opportunity slips in and grace allows the thing to breathe...miracles happen. 🙂


#1Gravatar imageJanet says:

oooooo….thank you for reminding us that God is good, all the time. am not into god but your statement means LIFE IS GOOD all the time, to me.

despite all the destructive and sometimes highly irrelevant comments (of those who were not part of the production but think they know better) made on the Kaki(s) forums, it’s heartwarming to know that we (M people) will always have something good to remember of the production, and many of us have learned many invalueble lessons in life, gained friendships and stage craft.

oh, baby oil is also good for stage-makinguping your legs if you are skipping stockings.

see you around! hugs…

#2Gravatar imageSee Ming says:

Happy Happy Bday Michelle.


#3Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Happy belated b’day to u (or whenever that is), Michelle!! U reflect true to what u say – and that’s a personal reminder to me too – just by being ALIVE and yet unattached (shhh….working on r’ship with a gal at current time)should make me ponder, reflect and be thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ in EVERY SINGLE WAY, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT…..take care, ya!

#4Gravatar imageDanielle Wong says:

happy birthday michelle…belated. 🙂
I love cheezels too!!!!

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