Talking Cats

Monday, 27 March 2006

Who'd have guessed?? I think they'd make excellent burglar alarms (as in, alarming the unsuspecting burglars).


#1Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Haha – cats obviously DON’T NEED TO TALK and all they need to do is to Mrrrraowwwww…..and burglars can even get a scare! Elvira maketh a good copy of the Mrrrraowwwww anyhow…..MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

#2Gravatar imageRyan Phua says:

Hey MIchelle!

This may seem utterly random~!!but if u could recall, i am ryan from KLCC..i did the clarins’s perfume promo n sold u paramour toujour^^!any recollection?well, i just saw M! the opera..and i was surfing the website and i stumbled upon ur blog 🙂 anyway just to say a job well done!!i enjoyed it!!

Take care n keep it up 😀

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Anson: But I can’t hire Elvira. :p

Ryan: Oh my goodness, what a nice surprise! I’m glad we’re in touch. Will e-mail you ya? I took your phone number off the comment to safeguard your more private information (I’ve had bad experiences with prank callers). It’s been saved on my mobile. Really glad to hear that you enjoyed the show!

#4Gravatar imageboo! says:



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