Wednesday, 11 January 2006

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A good friend of ours, Marissa, has just launched a new fashion label that aims to provide a witty alternative to today's pop street wear (you GO girl!). Criola's first season collection can be found at the following places:

The Beach, One Utama, Level 3
Baci Boutique, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru (above Modestos)

For further inquiries, you may send e-mails to criola_concepts(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk. I'm guilty of not having actually seen any of the designs yet, but I'll set it right soon. 😉 Hopefully before Saturday's public roda in Bangsar.


#1Gravatar imagemin yen says:

oh wow that is so cool!
i so wish i had my own fashion label, how does one go about getting one?
i’ll gladly leave the drudgeries of medicine for fashion

#2Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

marissa’s gone to australia for 2 weeks. but u might’ve seen sophie wearing her design at my NY party… i bought one shirt too but no chance 2 wear it yet 🙂

#3Gravatar imagejuelie says:

i’d want to contact marissa to see if she would like feature her fashion label in my upcoming event for the woman-kind. i emailed her, but it was returned. appreciate your soonest response. thank you so much. also, i find your blog interesting! do you mind if i include it in my ‘blog blast

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