New Year Fun

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Two consecutive late nights dominated by hysterical Taboo games and alcohol induced laughter; one day to recover before putting our shoulders back to the grind. Absolutely enjoyable.

Had a small Cempakan reunion at Monte's, BSC on Wednesday night:


All the best to Min Yen who has returned to Australia to kick off her medical career at a hospital!

On new year's eve we met up with Wu Tien and Sau Kang for dinner at nasi kandar Pelita--I have to agree that it was the most logical place to head to in order to avoid the new year stampedes. Later on we joined the Bantus gang at Kotak's place where we crossed over to 2006, tuning in to a tamil radio station (nope, no idea why) for the official announcement. After that we played some games.

Since I can't put up videos here (yet), here's a transcript of Bantus' Ferret moment during a game of Taboo to kick off the brand new year:

Ferret: When I do this at home alone and in the bedroom, what comes out? What comes out?
A guy: Spunk!
Ferret: Come on, come on.
A girl: Ew...
Another guy: Semen. Sperm.
Ferret: Okay, kay, but yeah, what format?

The answer: Cream. (What format?!)

Later, just when Han and I were about to call it a night and head home, someone dragged out the Twister mat. Could...not...resist...



#1Gravatar imageferret says:

I could have easily said “…. of mushroom!” or “I eat this on a hot day…”

but I chose to digress.

But I swear, it was the alcohol speaking on my behalf and nothing else…

#2Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

i wonder how heavy Hilmy was… XD

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Ferret: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ladies, this man could be dangerous.

Kotak: I dunno–I thought you would know. ;p

#4Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

HILMY! How heavy are you? XD

#5Gravatar imageTopogigio says:

Dear Kotak,

If I was a girl, I would say HOW RUDE.

But since I’m a guy, the answer… is something that needs checking. How about another Twister game to be sure? >:)

Cicak: Trade videos? Heheh.

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